Shri Duradundeeshwar Virakta Matha


His Holiness Late Sri Duradundeeshwar Shivayogi was a 17th century great saint who established great heritage of devotion. Swamiji dedicated his whole life for betterment of the society. Shivalingeshwar was his first name. He was a Balayogi (Young Monk) who travelled and meditated for several years in the caves of Himalaya. Soon after visited Dhaphalapur of Sangli District as per directives he received during meditation. He was a great yogi who had acquired super natural powers.

He took shelter at the Ashram of Swami Gurulingeshwar in Dhaphalapur for about two years and sought his blessings and Guru Diksha (Initiation). As per the directions of the Guru he decided to visit different places to guide and advise people.

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Gurubasavaling Swami

Eighth Pontiff to the Peetha

Sri Gurubasavaling Swamiji is the eighth Pontiff to the peetha (Religious Throne) who is young and energetic is an M.A. in Sanskrit from Banaras Hindu University. He has vast spiritual knowledge, studied various books on Vedas, great administrator with a farsighted vision. He is very fluent in Kannada, Marathi, Hindi, English and Sansksrit.

After taking over the Peetha he has actively devoted himself in the overall development of mutt and its properties with welfare of the society in mind.

The Bhakti Center

It is a spiritual and cultural Center of the Matha. The Swamiji used to guide all the devotees about thier difficulties of life and provide solutions through devotional path at the center. The same is continued even now by the present Swamiji.

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